Convertable Coffee Table - Painted Cocktail Tables.

Convertable Coffee Table

convertable coffee table

    coffee table
  • low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served

  • A coffee table, also called a cocktail table, is a style of long, low table which is designed to be placed in front of a sofa, to support beverages (hence the name), magazines, feet, books (especially coffee table books), and other small items to be used while sitting, such as coasters.

  • (Coffee Tables) While any small and low table can be, and is, called a coffee table, the term is applied particularly to the sets of three or four tables made from about 1790; of which the latter were called 'quartetto tables'.

  • A low table, typically placed in front of a sofa

convertable coffee table - Quintiliano Convertible

Quintiliano Convertible Sofa Bed, Red

Quintiliano Convertible Sofa Bed, Red

Modernize your living or office space with this simple yet elegant convertible sofa/sleeper sofa, the ultimate combination of contemporary style with comfort and versatility. The sofa bed features a unique European click-clack mechanism, that allows smooth adjustment and transformation. With two position adjustable back to ensure the perfect seating angle. As well as a flat position for sleeping. Sofa can be pull apart which turns into individual swivel seats. Base feature a wooden part that can double as coffee table. Each seat can pull out into individual beds or combine into a whole bed. Sofa measures: 71.5 inches wide (cab be pull apart to 84.5 inches wide) x 29 inches deep X 29.5 inches high. Seat height measures 16 inches. Each seat measures: 36 inches wide X 29 inches deep. Bed measures: 71.5 inches wide x 77.5 inches deep x 10 inches high. Wooden coffee table top measures: 15.25W X 23.25D.

87% (13)

mermaid. and lots of new lila's lines ;)

mermaid. and lots of new lila's lines ;)

Lila's Lines:

Monday morning.

Me: Milk or cocoa?
Lila: Coffee!

Lila: I had two ice creams today! One from nanny, one from uncle Chris.
Me: Lucky you!
Lila (excitedly): Why, are you going to buy me a third one?

Lila: Can I borrow your make up bag for a minute?
Me: Forget it.
Lila: Mommy… Please. Lipgloss only. Just a tiny bit of lipgloss.
Me: Ohhh… All right.

(I get busy with something else. When I look at her again, her lips look like the ones of that Angelina Jolie's psycho-fan. Charcoal eyeshadow smudged around her eyes doesn't help, either).

Me: Hey, I thought we had a deal!
Lila: We did… But I made an extra deal with myself. On eyeshadow.

Me: What’s there in your bag?
Lila (innocently): Oh… Stuff.
Me: What stuff?
Lila: Things I need.
Me (intrigued): Show me!
Lila (nonchalantly adjusting the strap) : I told you: stuff I need.
Me: I’d like to…

(She had already left).

Me: Do you want to go shopping with me?
Lila: Yes, I do! But we better buy some candy… or the kid will get all grumpy.
Me: What kid?
Lila (poking her chest): This one.

Clothes shop. Lila sort of throws herself at one of the mannequins which is dressed in boy’s clothes.

Shop assistant: Ohh, how cute! What a hug! Do you think the boy is cold?
Lila (clearly embarassed with the cooing): Umm, yes. Yes I do.

After we leave, there’s this mysterious half smile on her face.

Me: What was it all about? Why did you hug that mannequin?
Lila: His outfit was so cool. I imagined he was my boyfriend.

Kamil teaches Lila how to ride a bike.

Lila: Hold me, daddy, don’t let go. I don’t want to part with my little life just yet.

Me (no anger management classes in my town): THAT IS ABSOLUTELY IT FOR ME NOW!
Lila (phlegmatically): Mommy… Don’t yell at me.
Lila: Say: „Be good, my darling girl. If you are good, I’ll buy you an ice cream”. Then I’ll get it for sure.

Me (opening the letterbox): Look! DVDs from Mickey Mouse.
Lila: Again?!
Me: He must be crazy about you. He’s one lucky mouse to have you in his club.
Lila (curiously): Is he, like, a real mouse? Or just a guy who likes dressing like a mouse?

I hope he doesn’t REALLY like it.)

Lila (getting into the car): Mom?
Me: Yes?
Lila: Why do birds always poo on the roof of your car?

(Pessimistic approach: It’s so unfair. My life is so pathetically UNfabulous.
Optimistic approach: Thank God I don’t drive a convertable).

Lila finishes brushing her teeth and grins at me.

Me: Great job. Your teeth are as white as snow.
Lila (muttering to herself as she leaves): …on which hundreds of dogs pee every day.

Hania and I collect Lila from the nanny’s. Both girls hop into the car.

Hania: There’s a surprise waiting for you at home!
Lila (excitedly): Wow! Will I have to do the ‘close your eyes’ thing before I get it?
Hania: Naah, you won’t have to.
Lila: Whew! I HATE closing my eyes before getting a present. Close your eyes, close your eyes…blah blah blah... Hate it… My parents always make me do it.

One flabbergasted, clueless parent (moi) grips the wheel and refuses to be upset.
But, damn! I always thought she loved it!

Saturday. Lunch. There are five girls at the table: my friend Kasia with her daughters, Hania and Basia, Lila and I.

Me (blood sugar level way too high): Why do we need men anyway!
Lila: We need them to be falling in love with us. No men, no love.

(‘AND for dancing’, adds Hania)

Family dinner

Family dinner

Me, Chris, Inge, Linda a family friend, and our grandmother, Having a fancy dinner in the living room, now a dinning room. This table was a convertable table, that was at most times a coffee table. Pull a lever on the bottom and it raised into a dinning room table, and the top spun and opened up into a full size table. Wish I had it now. I loved that table.

convertable coffee table

convertable coffee table

Castro Convertibles CSO-1200 Convertible Sleeper Ottoman

INCREDIBLE VERSATILITY The Castro Ottoman is perfect for apartments, studios, and dorm rooms. Place it in a child's room for sleepovers. Have a home office be an extra bedroom as well. Have an extra bed for grandparents, caregivers, or those last-minute friends that drop by. Even place a tray on top and use it in the living room as a table. This ottoman will open up new possibilities for any small space. UNPARALLELED QUALITY After 65 years, we are still the convertible with the highest quality standards. We are known for building the most durable convertibles in the industry. This Ottoman has been redesigned to be even stronger and longer-lasting. Nothing else even comes close to a Castro Convertible. Once you try a Castro Ottoman, you will see that we are simply THE BEST. LEGENDARY COMFORT Experience the incomparable sleeping comfort that made our brand the household original name of convertible furniture. It's not only for occasional use. It's comfortable enough to sleep on every single night! Plus, the unique adjustable headrest allows your head to be perfectly elevated for reading or watching TV. This bed is amazing!

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