Wood End Table Plans : Dining Table With Frosted Glass.

Wood End Table Plans

wood end table plans

    wood end
  • There are several places called Wood End.

  • Wood End is an old mining village in North Warwickshire. It lies to the south east of Tamworth and close to the border with Staffordshire. It grew around the former Kingsbury Colliery but now it serves as a commuter village to Birmingham.

wood end table plans - Large Scale

Large Scale Play Table

Large Scale Play Table

824700 Large Scale encourages children to role playing various characters with others which will help develop their social skills as well as enhancing their creativity. Environmentally friendly, green methods are used to create this perfect collection. Features: -Play table. -Large Scale collection. -For ages 3 years and up. -Environmentally safe materials. -All in a stylish contemporary design. -Children can play and enjoy this with friends. -Assembly required. Specifications: -Material: Rubberwood. -Overall dimensions: 31.5'' W x 47.24'' D.

76% (6)

plan=cersier //WOOD PILE

plan=cersier //WOOD PILE


Beautiful switzerland;s little gem of a wine producing village in the alps near MARTINEY ok how can adda fit yet another address on his calling card? and if he did:::where is the yet another secret endroit?

WELL YES. while in swissyland we had a rendez=vous with my cousin serge = we met in martigny which is an ancient roman enclave:::the gianaddda museum is a gem with its roman treasures and modern art collection===the city is carved into three sections:::the modern city==the older 1800:s city:::and then the surrounding mountains which produce some wonderful white wine==MARTIGNY CROIX:::we went to the restuarant ::LES TROIS COURONNES::the three crowns:::the building is from the 1800:s:::with a stone front and shuttered windows:::the menu zwas a local sausage baked in a cornbread which my mom and xousin loved:::the entree was fillets of perch from the locdal lake with a litght citron/lemon sauce:::there was a side of soft boiled potatoes:::the portion of fish was quite large for it looked like a school of fillets swimming on the plate:::

for the dessert::tarte tatin:::upsidedown apple tart:::it was touched by honeybees:::and came with a little pot of creme fresh:::it was the best TARTE TATIN that AEDDA has ever tasted:::ever:::if one had to choose their last dessert :meal ::this was it::

after the wonderful meal:::we drove to the third and most charming little village in the MARTIGNY+CROIX section::PLAN CERISIER which means the :map of cherry growers: which now is known for their excellent white wine and millionaires who live there

now when we are talking town we talking like 50 small houses:::it is douptful that the houses hold more than one or two people at the most::ok::maybe with a cat or two, also

the houses are about the size of a large bedroom and the prices are sky high:::like 800 to 1000 a month rent for one room::::and you have to be lucky to find a place in the city:::

its apparently a diamond on the historic places of switzerland:::there,s complete building restriciton and heavy control not to change the existing buildings or street:::ok::they are not streets but pathways which apparently were named when the local citizens of yore , after a good harvest; and a drunken celebration party; decided to go dozn the passage ways and name the streets some of the most outrageous puns one could ever imagine

there is the PLACE DE LA CONCORDE which is the size of a picnic table:::and the photo op galore is the AVENUE DE CHAMPS ELYEES:::both of these places are of course well known huge bouvards in PARIS and to see them reduced to the size of a postage stamp is mind boggling and funny as hell

there is a BOULEVARD DES BRETELLES zhich is an intersection of five pathways::err streets:::and loosely translated ::it means:::A ROAD OF INTERSECTIONS:::

there is a road named after the local mayor MR DE CIENDRE ::or something close to it:::RUE DESCENDRE ==the desending road:::which to no surprise::lives up (or down) to its name:::

each pathway::err street has its official metal name placque:::

the stone buildings have small little windows which look out to the lovely swiss alps::all the roof tops are covered with local slate:::::it is truely an artistic gem which is inhabited by wonderful folks who still have a sense of pride and humor:::oh, and they are RICH:::its a millionaires litle MARIE ANTOINETTE hameau (farmhouse setting)

we met one lady who was raking her vineyard and she gave us a bunch of grapes that were out of this world wonderful tasting::::

it sure was a fun day with tons of photo ops:::check out my flickr.com site:::i dont think i can count how many times ADDA said:::OMG THIS IS BEAUTIFUL:::of course ADDA saw one unnamed street which was a deadend::and prompty thought CUL DE SAC which means DEAD END but in french CUL ,eans ASS:::so what better deadent than CUL DE SAC DE CULS:::DEADEND OF ASSES:::oh well i guess i need another glass of wonderful PLAN CERSIER wine::::

which reminds ADDA of yet another story of PLAN CERSIER::::

ITS rare to be greeted by MARELENE DIETRICH at a little restuarant::well; mainly cuase like shes dead:::but the woman who runs the charming cafe looks just like her::::we had a wonderful time over cafe chatting or is that :dishing: PARIS:::and talking up PALN CERSIER:::she told us that some PARISIANS came in and asked her if she knew how to make a propaer cafe:::she told them to leave::::hahahhaa:::86:d out of PLAN CERSIER:::what an honor:::hahaha;;;anyway she adored JACKIE. SERGE AND ADDA that the drinks were ON THE CHALET sort to speak::::

there are many gems throughout swissland:::but this little village truely stole ADDAs heart:::



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Subject: swissland plan cersier
To: "adda"
Date: Friday, November 20, 2009, 12:36 PM

Beautiful switzerland;s little gem of a wi

Day 145a / 365 - May 18, 2010

Day 145a / 365 - May 18, 2010

"My Entertainment Wall"

I am so danged proud of this! It has actually been here since I moved in, but I thought I would share it's evolution.

Back when I was getting back on my feet, after the place I worked at closed, I had a lot of spare time on my hands. Living at a friends place, and spending most of my time in a small bedroom gave me lots of time to plan.

While working at my present job, I also got to take on a second cooking gig doing the breakfast buffet for the new hotel next door. I promised myself I would use the money from that for a new computer and a new TV. My old TV was from 1994, and was showing signs of beginning to die. It was in a big fat armoire type cabinet, and since my new TV was going to be a flat screen, I would need a suitable TV stand. And so began the planning for the entertainment wall.

Of course, I fell in love with the many options in the Pottery Barn catalog, but when I added it up, the $3500-6000+US price tag was a bit more than I was willing to spend. I am a chef after all. Then one day at Target I saw the Avington Collection. A rich Dark Tobacco color, "new classic" lines, real wood, not veneer and cardboard. I was in love.

So I found this apartment, and the wall was the perfect length for what I had envisioned. The day I got the keys I left work early, and with a friend who borrowed a van, I bought it all. Not only did I get two low bookcases, two tall bookcases, and the TV stand, but also two end tables for the sofa, a sofa/console table, a coffe table and a mirror I have yet to hang. Total cost?? $1380, including tax!! Granted I spent 14 hours putting it all together, but it looks so rich and expensive. The best kit furniture I have ever purchased. Well, the dining room table and chairs are equally as nice I think.

Anyway, I have had it almost a year now, and I am as happy with it as the day I put the first piece together and placed it against the wall. And at 1/4 to 1/5th of the price! I rock!

P.S. Someone recently asked me if anything in the apartment is Eric's. The answer is nope, not much of anything. He owned a modern condo in the burbs, filled with ultra modern furnishings. During our "dating phase", we would spend the night at either my place or his, or take a night off, so to speak. After I moved into the Greenhouse, he seemed to be spending more and more time at my place, to the point where most of his clothes were in my closets.

When it was time for me to get a new place again, we talked about the options. Continue to have our own places or live together. At one point, I asked why he always wanted to stay at my old place. "I like downtown better". Hmmm...finally it came out. He felt no connection with one single thing in his condo and wasn't even sure why he ever went the modern route. "I feel a connection with the stuff you have. It feel more like "home" to me". And so, I get to do the decorating. I usually ask his opinion, but it is up to me what gets purchased, and he almost always likes what I choose. So all his stuff sits in a storage facility. Lately he has talked about selling it all off.

wood end table plans

wood end table plans

1000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Bike Lift Table Jack Service Stand Shop Ramp Drop Panel

This foot pedal operated hydraulic motocycle lift stands are the perfect solution for the biker who does not have compressed air in his shop or garage. Lift up to 1000lb. Motorcycle simply by operating the hydraulic lift pedal. Includes rear drop panel and rubber padded wheel vice. This motorcycle lift table is high quality, hydraulic operated lift being offered now at this great introductory price. This lift will accommodate almost any motorcycle on the market up to 1000lb capacity without the need for a air compressor. These hydraulic motorcycle lift stands will raise your motorcycle for service, maintenance, cleaning or bike shows by the simply pumping on the lift pedal. These hydraulic motorcycle lift stands have an operating height from 10"(205mm) to 31"(780mm) high. The platform is 83" long by 13-1/2" wide and it includes a 24" long loading ramp which brings the total length of the motorcycle lift to 107 inches. All TMS motorcycle lifts come standard with an oversize front tire wheel clamp and rear drop out panel for servicing the rear tire. This hydraulic motorcycle lift stand has rear wheels allowing the lift to be moved around the shop. The TMS hydraulic motorcycle lift has a powder coated glossy finish with a diamond plate design traction surface for superior traction when loading and unloading your bike.Some other features include a front wheel clamp with a rubberized contact surface, a removable safety locking bar, attached tie down loops and lock down screws to prevent movement of the lift.

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