Where To Buy Glass Table Top

where to buy glass table top

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where to buy glass table top - Ninja Blender

Ninja Blender NJ600 XL - Black

Ninja Blender NJ600 XL - Black

In sociology, there is the concept known as "defining the context of a situation." It deals with how humans blend and integrate (or not) in societies or social situations. Several contexts need to be met and satisfied. The Ninja XL Blender NJ600 easily mixes kitchen ingredients to make delicious drinks, soups, and foods. Daniel Moynihan discussed America as a multicultural environment, much like a tossed salad. The NJ600 powerfully blends several ingredients to create an entirely new whole. Contextually, the Ninja 600 is a blender that is powerful enough to bring together many different ingredients to develop a truly holistic solution. A blender is merely a blender. The Ninja XL redefines it completely.

Love nutritious smoothies? Make your own! The Euro Pro Ninja XL Blender has a 1000-watt powerful motor and a 72-ounce pitcher for making virtually any type of healthy or bar drink. Mix up your next meal with this Ninja XL blender. The powerful blades allow you to chop veggies for appetizers or crush ice for frozen drinks. This versatile Ninja XL blender is sure to come in handy in your kitchen for everyday use and when throwing a party.

The electronic control panel offers 3 speeds and PULSE for controlled processing. This powerful unit can effortlessly crush ice into snow and blend whole vegetables and fruits into delicious smoothies in just seconds.. The cord storage helps keep your countertops clear while the sturdy no-slip base offers stand-still performance.

As seen on TV, the Euro Pro Ninja XL NJ600 Blender is a powerful kitchen tool for processing foods and on ice-breaking. It's a socially positive appliance that can bring joy to all.


Precision Cutting - Dices, Chop & Puree Top Fill Spout Non-Slip Base Safety Lock Unit Dimensions are approximately 10 1/2 H x 14 2/5 L x 9 1/4 W 110-120V AC Powered with cord management

80% (12)

Real Photo Postcard: Young Woman In Period Dress

Real Photo Postcard: Young Woman In Period Dress

I'm not quite sure what to make of this postcard, but I like it. It is a real photo postcard with a divided back, so it dates after, what, 1907? However, typewritten on the back, (or perhaps stamped, very lightly, in what looks like type from a typewriter) written on one side of the divide, is "1888 Dress. White silk grosgrain, lace trimmed." On the other side, where the address would normally be written, is this notation: "Photo by John A, Davis, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y."

Whether these cards sold at the Pratt Institute, which is a museum or something, I don't know.
Anyway, here is the story of how I acquired this card, and what followed, and how crazy life can be.
I'm out at Metrolina, which is the big antique show held twice a year outside of Charlotte. I haven't been in quite a while, since the show fragmented and part of the dealers came up here to Cabarrus County
Arena. Now there are two shows, and they're both lousy. But I saw a guy at Brimfield in the spring, and this fellow has some photos I want, and he didn't have them at Brimfield but he said he would bring them to Charlotte. And we agreed on a price. So I hoped to go out to Metrolina and find this guy and buy these photos, and if you want to see them, you can come and visit me. Only I don't have them. Not yet, maybe never. But that's another story. A sad story, with I hope, a happy ending.

So I was walking around Metrolina with low expectations. I am a firm believer in low expectations. If you don't imagine (like the freaking New York Yankees) that you are going to win the World Series every year, then when you don't win it, you aren't quite as upset as if you always expected to win it. And if you do win it, you are more excited than the idiotic New York Yankees fan who thinks it's his God-given right to win the World Series every year. I hate the Yankees, and I hope they never win another World Series. But anyway . . .

There's this big concrete pad on the Metrolina complex. There are eight or ten buildings, each with many dealers, and then there are lots of tents, some big tents with multiple dealers, and some smaller tents with only one dealer, and a few big tents with only one dealer, like the Turkish rug guy, though all the Turkish rugs probably come from Taiwan or somewhere. Metrolina is a show with a lot of merchandise that comes back again and again, with some dealers who offer new art and imported junk and whatnot, and some sort of flea market people. It's a real mishmash. There are some women walking around who are worth looking at, but probably not the same quality you'd see on Long Island, or Malibu, or somewhere. But anyway anyway . . .

So on this concrete pad, which has a big roof over it, so it's like an open shed, there are maybe twenty or thirty dealers. Anyway, there's this old guy (probably like my age, or a few years older) at the back of the shed, and this old guy has some photos, and I start looking at them. The first thing I see is this tinted tintype, and it's tinted all over. Very elaborate. It's not so cool that I want to buy it, but it was an unusual amount of tinting. And I thought the price, $25 dollars, was pretty reasonable. But I wasn't going to buy it. I picked out a few items to buy. This card, a tintype of a young girl that I thought was decent but nothing to turn flip flops about, and a couple of other items. And this dealer guy, who was kind of a North Carolina type fellow, a guy who might drive a beat-up old station wagon filled to the brim with junk, a guy who might make trips to the dump to get stuff, a guy who might have a weird pet of some sort, a little bit of beard stubble, a quirky old geezer, this fellow says to me, "Look at these glass lantern slides. You ever see anything like that?" And one of the glass lantern slides was of these two young black boys, and it was pretty neat, but I think the dealer wanted $150 for it and I didn't want it that bad. And the other glass lantern slide was---well, I can't tell you. You're just going to have to hold it in for a while.

Anyway anyway, I spread my finds out on top of this case for this dealer fellow, and I said, "What do you want for all that?" And I'm thinking like maybe $15. And the dealer looks at all this stuff and he says "$35."

And I said "What!?" Sort of like I thought the dealer was crazy, which I did.

And the dealer says, "Well, I'm basically giving you all these photos [and he points at three of the photos] for $35 and I'm throwing this one [and he points at the tintype of the girl] in for free."

And I said "Hunh?" like the dealer was crazy. And he turns the tintype of the girl, which I imagine is like a four-dollar tintype, six dollars max, over, and it has a price of $39 on the back. So I told this fellow that that was way out of line. And then I told him that the tinted tintype, which was priced at like $25

Glass topped cocktail table #2

Glass topped cocktail table #2

This wrought ironed glass top cocktail table is perfect as a table to eat in front of the fire! And because it's glass, it opens up a room and is not nearly as dark as a solid wood table. It has a bottom shelf that you can store large picture books.

Dimentions: 134.5c wide x 77.5c deep x 53c high
Bevele on glass top is 3c; glass is 1.5c thick
Open scroll work wrought iron base: 88c wide x 63c deep; very thick 3cm wide bevel; 1cm thick; very sturdy but elegant; great for apartments where you want a large surface to do double duty as a place to put your feet but also be able to use as an eating surface; some minor scratches but they are barely noticeable

Dimensions: 134.5c wide x 77,5c deep x 53c high
Price: bought for USD $1675; sell for 200 Euro

where to buy glass table top

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